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B. Charlton Howell
Serving Central Illinois and Central Indiana

You have found the Most Experienced SlabJacker in Central Illinois and Central Indiana!

*these pictures were taken in the early 1990’s

For us, SlabJacking is not a sideline business. SlabJacking IS our business, and has been for over a quarter of a century!

SlabJacking (also referred to as MudJacking, Concrete Lifting or Concrete Leveling) is a proven alternative to concrete replacement dating back to the early 1930’s.

Concrete settles for a variety of reasons. The #1 reason is that the base simply was not compacted properly before the concrete was poured. Over time the sub-base simply fails under the weight of the new slab and therefore settles. SlabJacking is the proven answer.

A series of small holes are drilled in the slab through which a grout and cement mix is pumped beneath the concrete slab.

For a more detailed explanation of our process, please click here.


Indianapolis, Greenwood, Bloomington, Columbus
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Step One

A pattern of 1-1/4 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.


Step Two

A grout mixture is pumped under the slab using our specialized equipment. Once any void is filled, the grout becomes pressurized, hydraulically raising the slab to the desired height.


Step Three

The drilled holes are then patched using a concrete mixture.


basement walls

Basement Walls

Are your walls cracked, leaning or caving in? We can straighten and/or stabilize basement walls with our superior 4” steel I-beam system.


Here is the first of two clients for whom we lifted their concrete in 1992 sending us a letter of referral in 2002, still happy 10 years later! If you’re looking for an experienced SlabJacker, that’s us!

“On November 16, 1992, HowellSlabJacking SlabJacked our attached garage floor. The work was done in a professional, clean, and courteous manner. They arrived at the agreed upon time and date. I feel that we can recommend this firm to others in need of this service.”

–Stephen Weltich, March 14, 2002

A second client in 1992 also sent us a letter of referral in 2002, still happy 10 years later! No one in our service area can match our experience!

“In 1992, [HowellSlabJacking] used their SlabJacking technique to raise our sunken sidewalk. This has proven to be very successful, also less costly then taking out our sidewalk, then pouring another. The holes drilled to insert the mix soon blended with the other concrete. We have been very satisfied with the results.”

-Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Shrote

I was in a bind as I had waited until the last minute to have the SlabJacking done. HowellSlabJacking was very prompt, test message connections helped extremely with my schedule. I was able to have them look at the job via MMS, and provide a rough quote. They exceeded expectations all across the board. I would recommend [HowellSlabJacking] to anyone!

-Michael W.

A Local favorite… highly recommended; excellent job at a reasonable price. Had one bid from another company that was $4,800, and HowellSlabJacking did it for $950. [HowellSlabJacking] is very friendly and makes sure you are satisfied before they leave.


Great job. Front porch footing was exposed and needed to be raised. [HowellSlabJacking] came, dug, poured concrete and came back and jacked up the porch. [HowellSlabJacking] was very professional and did an outstanding job. The landscape around the porch was returned to the way it was prior to the work being done.


[HowelSlabJacking] did a great job of straightening out our patio. It had cracked and raised up in a couple of areas. Now it is level and looks great. [HowellSlabJacking] also raised our front porch step that had sunk. They cleaned up and left our house looking great. I would recommend them to anyone who needs concrete work.



Our basement had three walls which were bowing, possibly contributing not only to our previous issue of water leaking through the walls, but also to possible future instability of the ground floor of the house. We had a licensed engineer/home inspector evaluate the basement walls as well as the proposals we had obtained from four companies to fix them. HowellSlabJacking was on top! They were wonderful to work with; the results were very professional, they did some extras to make the walls more aesthetically pleasing at no additional cost, the warranty on their beams is good for 25 years and is transferrable to a new owner if the house is sold, and they totally cleaned up when they were done. In addition, they completed the job in a timely fashion, which is also important, and worked around our basement dewatering system. They also were available for questions without being pushy. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to give their name and numbers to members of my family needing this type of service.


For the past few years I have steadily watched a small crack evolve into a 3/4″ crack in one of my basement walls. The bowing of the wall caused me to fear of going into the basement and finding bricks and dirt on the floor. I saw HowellSlabJacking’s ad on local TV and gave them a call. An appointment was made and [HowellSlabJacking] came by for an estimate. [HowellSlabJacking] was efficient and truthful in their presentation. We agreed to the work and a repair date was set. On the scheduled day, HowellSlabJacking installed the beams and the required bracing. I had imagined the work would stop further cracking but I was completely amazed when I saw the crack was gone. The bricks were back to normal and the bowing was gone. They used concrete to weatherproof the crack. They made sure we were satisfied and they thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. Please use our name as an endorsement of your work, your product and most importantly, your employees. Thank you for a job well done.

-Lynn and Bill Ingold

I had two projects to be done at my home in Illinois. My basement walls had cracked and the different angle of the concrete blocks caused a crack in the living room ceiling as well as the kitchen ceiling. Additionally my sun-room had settled somewhat and the walk and outside door were out of plumb. [HowellSlabJacking] were here Wednesday and Thursday doing both jobs and I am totally satisfied. After the sun-room was perfect again, HowellSlabJacking had some time left and raised my back porch well as the front sidewalk. HowellSlabJacking arrived Wednesday and started excavating. They impressed me with how hard they worked and what nice people they were. The only problem I had was that this was the first time I had hired a project done rather than doing it myself. I kept feeling as if I should be doing something. Thanks again for a great job!

-James Whitmore

Building semi-custom and custom homes at Estridge we unfortunately have to deal with settling issues under concrete slabs, flatwork and foundations. Fortunately there is a reputable, quality minded company there to put things at ease. Thanks, HowellSlabJacking, for all you do.

-Shawn Sullivan

I had an excellent experience with HowellSlabJacking! HowellSlabJacking was professional, punctual, and kind during the process. Our concrete is level and without any problems! They were able to reduce the risk of water damage to our beautiful home by correcting the slope in no time at all! Highly recommended!

-Kim Auton