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B. Charlton Howell
Serving Central Illinois and Central Indiana

in Central Illinois and Central Indiana


Are your walls cracked, leaning or caving in?


HowellSlabJacking can straighten and/or stabilize basement walls with our superior 4″ steel I-beam system.

Basement Walls Repair

After an onsite evaluation, the I-beams are custom built and ready to install when we arrive (including a gray primer to help protect the I-beams and give them an attractive appearance.) I-beams are placed vertically at approximately 5′ intervals. Two small holes are drilled in the floor for each I-beam where they are then pinned to the floor assuring the wall cannot slide in at the base.

We then use a customized hydraulic pushing system to drive the I-beams tight against the wall. If the wall has been excavated this will allow the wall to straighten. (Often the wall will move even without excavating the outside, but as we would not know what is on the outside of any particular wall we do not guarantee the wall to move unless it is excavated first.) The I-beams are then permanently secured to the overhead floor joist to assure the wall can never bow in the middle or tilt at the top of the wall.

Basement Walls Repair

Leading methods of basement wall straightening are inferior due to the inherent fact that they are, in essence, anchoring to dirt and/or the top and bottom of the wall is not secured leaving a potential point of failure. In contrast, our 4″ steel I-beam system runs from the floor joist above the wall, all the way down to anchor in to the concrete floor below the wall, thus assuring a secure basement wall for years to come.

NOTE: Plates anchored only in the middle of the wall, with a thin rod (how long will the rod last?) running through your wall and into the earth where it is anchored to another metal plate that will essentially be pulling dirt toward your wall. There is nothing supporting the wall at the top or bottom of the wall.

Basement Walls Repair

*this is a photo of competitor’s work